“I approached Anna for help after 2 years of what felt like torture. I had a beautiful baby boy who was now fast approaching two and I was unable to enjoy him due the fight that was going on in my head. My pregnancy was hard from the start. I was sick for 9 months, hospitalised, depressed and still putting on the smile for the rest of world as if everything was ok! The 9 months ended with complications and an emergency c-sectionI knew I wanted more than one child but I started to have panic attacks at the thought of being pregnant again. When this battle became too much to deal with I decided to speak with Anna. 

Anna was amazing from the start. No pressure, come with an open mind and clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and she will work her magic. Anna did exactly that. I had a two hour session with Anna going through various techniques to help me cope and move on. It was an emotional two hours but wow what a difference. With Anna’s help I can now look back on my experience without getting upset and emotional. I have bonded with my son finally and also went on to have a second child, without the depression  that I experienced first time round. Although I still suffered from the severe sickness I was able to cope thanks to Anna’s techniques. 

can not thank Anna enough for what she did to help me move forward and would highly recommend her to anyone holding onto depression, anxiety or past events that are stopping them live their lives to the full. Thank you Anna so much”


“Anna’s meditation sessions are good excuse to get horizontal and recharge but also help me to take a moment to pause my busy life, relax my head space, and help me think clearer, cope better, make better choices. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Rebecca Bird

Anna Walker is one of those talented people who really enjoys helping others to improve the quality of their lives.  What’s more… importantly, she has the necessary specialist skills to do so.  She’s intelligent.  Kind.  Positive.  And very motivated.  Anna is the New Forest Life Coach and this means that people visit her to improve their career prospects, relationships, education, self-esteem, confidence… and a whole lot more!  She even leads some relaxing meditation classes in Ringwood for those who want to learn how to pause and take time out during a busy day’s schedule to gently unwind (which are well worth joining). I’ve observed Anna helping others on a number of occasions and can testify to the exceptional level of skill and mindful empathy that she brings to such moments.  I’m pleased to be able to endorse Anna Walker because I have high regard for her.

Kerin Webb, MA.

“Anna is warm, fiercely bright and highly insightful. She helped me to unlock my business potential in the early days and I won’t hesitate to visit her again when necessary as well as recommend her most highly.”


“I approached Anna for hypnotherapy when it became clear that childhood issues to do with cycling were becoming a barrier in my adulthood. I had always had a lot of anxiety about cycling over the years. From my lack of confidence in my ability to manoeuvre a bike to a lack of confidence on the road. It was not an enjoyable experience and now my son was of an age where he required more supervision when cycling, on the road etc and I was required to be the adult to do it. Anna helped me to explore the memories and experiences from childhood that werecontributing to the anxiety as an adult. Through a variety of techniques she unlocked my mind, unlocked my body and rebuilt my shattered confidence. Now cycling is what it is meant to be, an activity I don’t even have to think about. I just do it. I am confident and can support my son fully. We go on recreational bike rides as well as to and from school and town. In my experience a session with Anna is calm and focused. She has a natural ability to find the most effective way to get to the root of an issue and help you resolve it. But more than that, she underpins any work with further techniques to increase a sense of self belief, thus ensuring that any issue stays resolved. I can highly recommend Anna.”

P. Mckay